5 more years of shooting will be about 10 years of serious competition

Semco Salehi - I Am An AngelenoAlright, so my name’s Mike. I used to be an Angeleno but I moved to San Diego a few years ago and decided I didn’t really want to move back to L.A. traffic. The first time I ever picked up a gun was my first year at Boy Scouts camp and I needed a merit badge because I was a new scout and you always got to take one merit badge and then go work on other stuff like camping skills and how not to die in the wilderness sort of things for the rest of the day. So all the merit badges they had, were, they were okay but the one that sounded really interesting was rifle shooting, but I didn’t think my mom would let me. That was about the time my scoutmaster pointed out that my mom wasn’t there that week, so I went and did rifle shooting and I got the badge in a week and I had never picked up a gun before. And then I didn’t really shoot for a long time. I shot archery in college because we didn’t have a rifle team and then I moved to Los Angeles in about 2010 and found this place. I found the Los Angeles Rifle and Revolver Club and I had a .22 and I brought it out and started shooting and I’ve been coming back here ever since.

What do you think is gonna happen to you in 5 years of shooting?

5 more years of shooting will be about 10 years of serious competition so hopefully I will be enjoying having been on the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team.

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