Semco Salehi - I Am An Angeleno

My name is Semco Salehi and I’m a multimedia storyteller!

I’m currently living in Toronto and traveling as much as I can…

In high school I had to go to art school because I wasn’t good at math.

Mom and Dad were so upset; they’re both university professors and they were so angry.

At the time (and still to this day) all Iranian parents wanted their children to become doctors or engineers. This mission failed! They patronized me by comparing me to my cousins and friends. But I found art school a nirvana, I fell in love within seconds of stepping through the doors, and my favorite subject was photography.

My first Camera was Dad’s Zenit EM!

My first freelance job was doing my classmates’ photography assignments.

I was fascinated by photography and print. I almost spent the whole semester in the darkroom. And that’s how everything started.

Later on I joined drama school and got my B.A in directing plays, but even at that time I was shooting for magazines and news agencies.

Fast forward to my life in Canada, I was taking pictures of everything. Drama school got me interested in the stories.

My passion for street photography combined with my curiosity about  people’s lives turned into a project called, www.iamtorontonian.com

For the past 3 years, I’ve collected over 300 individual stories of people in Toronto.

And now during a winter getaway; I’ve ended up by palm trees.

Here we go, Los Angeles, guess what, it’s your turn!

For the next few months over the course of my stay this project’s gonna go up. Collecting Angelenos!