Hello, I’m Alan Garner from The Hangover.

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Hello, I’m Alan Garner from The Hangover. Me and Carlos we’ve been down here for a couple years and we’re performers. Carlos doesn’t say much. He’s usually always hung over or drunk, you know? When he gets hung over I just give him a hair of the pup that bit him and everything’s just fine. On the boulevard, we entertain people from TMZ to just regular customers. If I’m not wearing my outfit, you know, people who are walking around out here think I’m Zach, and so what I do is I just let them believe that. They get pictures with me and they go on to think they had a really awesome time here in Hollywood; they met somebody who is very popular like me.

What was the most interesting thing that happened to you while playing Zach?

Well one time TMZ was talking about this lady and I never got her name but she worked in a laundry place to fold clothes and stuff and Zach met her and they became really good friends. And this was in a story that I saw on TMZ but one day I was in Santa Monica doing my busking and the first thing I see is this restaurant and the guy calls me and says: “Dude, you gotta come in here and talk to this lady; just come look for her. When you see her, her name is Mimi.” And so when I went in, I met her and I knew exactly who she was. She was THAT lady and she thought I was really Zach and I was carrying–wearing Carlos at the time, the doll, and she really thought I was Zach, and I was like “Oh my god!” I didn’t want to mislead her or anything like that but the people in the restaurant knew who she was and knew that she knew Zach. And it was pretty awesome when I saw it because I really do respect Zach and if I ever had a chance to work for him or be a part of him I would certainly be there, you know, but when I saw her I go: “Oh my god, this is really her,” and I kind of felt bad that she didn’t realize I wasn’t really him… but she was an awesome person to talk to and hang out with, and I met a new person who I thought was an awesome friend.

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