My mom told me that you have to be very strong to live here, The city is Evil!

Harmonies stories of people of Los AngelesMy name is Sophie Martinez. Right now I’m at the public library in Beverly Hills, getting books, renting books and DVDs to study and learn so that I can start filming my first film in March. I’m from Miami – I should have said that earlier… What else?
What is your movie about?
My movie is about my personal experience moving here when I first got here. I’ve been here for 7 months, not a very long time, but that’s what it’s about. It’s just about my experience and just little bits and pieces are gonna be in there.

What is the movie going to be called?

The City that Consumes. Growing up, my mom always knew that I wanted to move out here, she told me that you have to be very strong to live here. She always painted the city as like some sort of villain that you have to be strong enough or else it will just chew you up and spit you out and it’ll just do it to the next person. So it’s kind of like that. The city in my opinion is like an evil character but it can also be beautiful sometimes.

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