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Semco Salehi - I am an angeleno

Here we go Los angeles…

Uuuh… My name is Semco Salehi and I’m a founder of the website that you’re currently looking at.

This is a sister project to another website which I have about people of Toronto and it’s called I am torontonian.com. I’ve been collecting stories of people of Toronto for past 4 years.

I have over 400 different stories, some sad and some funny.

I got a winter getaway, drove down to Los angeles from Toronto in a smart car to spend some time by the beach and the palm trees refueling my Vitamin D.

I realized that Los angeles is a very interesting city, minus the traffic, and decided to collect Angelenos and their stories.

I hope you enjoy the ride, let me know what you think about the project.

You can also check out my other project by clicking a Torontonain Tap on the top right corner of the website.


Cheers Los angeles,

Looking forward to this.

Photo courtesy of Narek Hartunian


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